5703 Read Blvd. Suite E  New Orleans East 70127
New Orleans East Satin Dolls School of Dance
Dance like no one is watching!

New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance Drill Team

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Satin Dolls N. Heels Dancers 

Satin Doll N. Heel 

Tori Wiley  is a member of the Satin Dolls N. Heel wearing their new Heelicious t-shirt. 

                    Satin Dolls N. Heels                                                                             Established November 2018. An outlet for adults to further pursue their dance journey.  Already having Bayou Classic Parade, Krewe of Jingle to name a few events under their belt.  An older team under the N.O.E Satin Dolls school of Dance.

N.O.E Satin Dolls School of Dance, LLC

Satin Dolls N. Heels walking into 2019. catch them in the M.L.K Parade on January 21, 2019. Krewe of Athena and more!

Satin Dolls N. Heels Directors 

November 2018 

 Satin Dolls N. Heels 

 Parade Bayou Classic 

Satin Doll N Heel Class 

First Heel Class 

Satin Dolls N. Heels Black & Gold Brunch 

January 19, 2019

Satin Dolls N. Heels Brunch.