New Orleans East Satin Dolls School of Dance

Leave It On the Floor!

   5703 Read Blvd. Suite E New Orleans East 70127

Meet Our Coaches  

Mini's/ juniors Coach- Jean-Marck Charles

Assistant Head Coach Coach-Techniques, African, Modern, and Creative and more

Ages 4 -11years old.

 I am a student at Dillard University majoring in business administration. I have always been about my business. In addition I have a strong passion in dance. I am experienced in jazz,ballet, tap, hip hop and modern dance techniques. I have performed in various events such as the Atlanta African Dance Conference, Caribbean Fest, Full Gospel Conference and events at Dillard University. I have traveled all around the city of New Orleans as well as Atlanta, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida performing. One thing I pride myself upon happened in the fall of 2017. I was selected to be a part of a prestigious dance team the Dillard University Diamonds where I am the first male to have made the team in almost 10 years and the sixth male overall to have the privilege of dancing on the team. I plan to go to cities such as Los Angeles, and New York to continue to audition and follow my dreams. I strive to be a well known artist and choreographer teaching all. 

Head Coach of the New Orleans East Satin Dolls Dance Team. Porsha, McCoy has been studying dance for over 20 years. I received my dance foundation from the city of Jackson Mississippi. In Jackson, I have studied under some of the best dance instructors and danced alongside of some big names there as well. During my years I have become equipped with many different styles of dance they include hip hop, jazz, and majorette. My experience as a professional dancer boosted my knowledge as I have performed in California, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. As a professional entertainer, I continue to receive knowledge and pass it down to the generations to come.

Satin Doll N. Heel - Instructor

Taylor Davis 

Satin Dolls N. Heels - Directors

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